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Xenix NOS Question

The Following message was forwarded to me for response from W2NV. Any
response to the tcp-group will be read by him.

Subject: Netserver message

I'm experiencing some difficulties in attempting to get the netserver to run.
I've included the output just as I get it on screen.  I don't get any
compilations errors at all and just two warnings.  Everythings went smoothly
and I only had to do a very few minor changes.

semget: Invalid Argument
The problem might be that your system cannot
give me 25 semaphores.
Try changing DEFNSOCK in socket.c or
alter the configuration of your kernel.
Error number 22
poll: No more processes.

After the server is running it's impossible to exit with the exit command.
When one kills the server then one finds a message left as follows:
semctl: Invalid Arguement.

I checked the semaphores values in the running kernal and they are as follows:

SEMMAP = 41     map
SEMMNI = 10     idenifiers
SEMMNU = 20     undo structures
SEMMSL = 20     semaphores per identifiers
SEMOPM = 5      operations per semaphore call
SEMUME = 5      undo operations per process
SEMVMX = 32766 maximum semaphore value
SEMAEM = 16384 maximum adjustment on exit
SEMMNS = 40    semphores currently in system

Please let me know what can be done to remedy my problem, if anything?
The system is 2.3.3 system 5 xenix.
Thanks very much!

Joe w2nv

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