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First, let me make one thing perfectly clear.  I do not want to start
another argument about what is and isn't legal according to Part 97
and other related sets of rules.  I am interested strictly in the
technical aspects of this problem.

Now on to the real question.

Is there any way that AMPR.ORG could be connected to the INTERNET, given
it's disconnected nature and the fact that I highly doubt that there will
ever be a time when we have all of NET 44 connected together.  Even if we
were able to connect the whole US (possible, but not likely) that would
still leave the rest of the world unconnected.

Is it totally impossible given the state of TCPIP?
Is it possible (legal?) to break-up NET 44 so that it would appear
to be a bunch of Class B (Class C?) networks, with multiple connections
to the INTERNET?
If there is no suitable answer to the questions above, should we be
continuing down the path we currently are travelling, or should we perhaps
be looking at turning in th Class A address space in favor of either a
bunch of Class B's or a whole lot of Class C address spaces??

And, of course, the final question which makes all the above questions
moot, Am I the only one who sees AMPR.ORG ever connecting to the INTERNET?
Does everyone else see this potential (future) connection as a bad thing
and therefore something we should not be working towards?

Well, I have spilled my guts enough for now.  I am sure that from these
questions, you can see which side of the fence I stand on.  Of course,
even I realize that until the technical asspects are worked out, there
isn't much sense in even considering the possible legal implications.


bill    KB3YV
                                          bill gunshannon

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