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P-P AND Repeaters are needed comma dammit!

In response to the "MAC Protocoll" discussion, I'm going to wrap up
with th is one.

Look, Glenn n6gn is right when he says that p-point to point channels
have advantages.  We need them for high-volume links, which means
most of our backbones.

But I'm a bit tired of an ti-repeater diatribes based on the alleged
wrongness of the LAN model.  Look:  If we were ONLY p-p directional,
then every single ham would need to buy two radios and two poirts, one
at  his qth and one at the "node", to join a "net".  Even to be on
the air ten m inutes a week, an antenna would have to be beaming right at
him.  Yeah, right.  For the end-users, at 1200, 9600, 56000, or even
at decent high speeds, there is still a need fr point to multipoint
(MAC) access.  Period.  That way each end user can use his own one radio,
and share the one at the "node/repeater/what-have-you" central site.

The rest will be left to the marketplace to decide.
    fred k1io

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