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G1EMM NOS V1.4 (900828)

I am using the above NOS version on my V20 machine.
It is great . I can connect okay to ethernet and outside world
*from* the box. However, when I attach netrom and
netrom interface ax0 TCP/IP 192 there is a problem when someone
is trying to connect to my station using AX.25 . The problem is
that my Netrom sends immediately <DM> to the station which tries
the connect.

I believe this can be avoided by tuning some of the configuration
files, but what and where ????

The autoexec.net file (and ftpusers etc.) is from the old NET (89 something..)
which worked just fine. :-)

Best 73 Antti-Pekka OH1YF       antsu@mea.utu.fi

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