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Xenix NOS

>>From Joe W2NV -
> The suggestions in the semephore area have cleaned up that problem.
>Now I am at the next hurdle. At startup of the server I get the
>following message...
>and the job hangs. Any ideas??

Hi Doug,

I was working with NOS [netnix] (using nosunix that Bob Teeters had put together

on thumper), and had run into the semaphore problem too.  I edited one of the
.h files (config.h or socket.h - it is not handy at the moment) and reduced
DEFNSOCK from 40 to 20.  That got me around that.  The process then would run.
Still not working exactly right, but doing something.  Now, this was on a
80386/25 running SCO ODT 1.0 (Unix 3.2.1) with 12 meg of RAM and 902megs of
disk space (lots of swap).  I also run UNIX on my home system which is an
80386/SX with 4 meg of ram and only 120 megs total of disk space.  The swap
area is only 8 megs.  The *EXACT* same binary would run on my home system (I
just tarred everything to floppy and transferred it), but I started getting
that "POLL..." message as you got above.  So, it seems that it has to have
something to do with memory, disk space, and/or how the system autoconfigs
available resource values based on those two factors.

That is my experience so far.  It would still run, however, I had some funny
behavior of having netserv terminate everytime connect or ftp or telnet
terminated, plus, I have only run net here before, and still need to sit
down and configure the nos startup.net file.  So far, I have not had time to
get back to that.

Hope this helps some.


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