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Packet Driver and Novell


I think your Problem to run a packet driver (for example Western Digital) and
IPX.COM from Novell is that you can't run both driver like this together.
You have to build a special version of IPX to work IPX on top of the WD-Driver
or vis-versa to build a special Packet Driver that works on top of IPX.
The same Problem I had a few month ago.
I found a solution at Brigham Young University (BYU), they developed a system
to share the network adapter card in a PC. These drivers including docs
can be obtained by anonymous FTP (password guest) from dcsprod.byu.edu
( in /novell. The self extracting file is called "novell.exe".
I have a copy of this file at hb9zz.ethz.ch ( in /public/driver.
(also via anonymous FTP awailable).

73 de Marcel


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