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Packet Driver and Novell

Thanks for the reply Marcel.

The reason I wrote the message to the group is that the new Western Digital
written (not the standard Clarkson distributed) packet driver is supposed to
support both protocols directly.
i.e. You can run the 8003PKDR.EXE driver standalone, or, alternatively, you can
     first load IPX (linked for the WD8003* using V3.09 of the WDPLUS.OBJ) and
     then load 8003PKDR.  If 8003PKDR finds that IPX has already been loaded,
     it calls routines in IPX.COM, rather than manipulating the ethernet card
     directly itself.

As I said, it is only failing when IPX has been loaded.  Actually, it can send
packets just fine, the problem is that no received packets get passed to the
application (in my case NOS) via the packet interface.

Again, thank you for replying.


                               Chris W0/G4JEC

chrisc@moron.vware.mn.org   g4jec@g4jec.ampr.org   g4jec@g4jec.vware.mn.org

11th Hour Contest Group (North American Chapter)   Minneapolis, MN   EN34ju

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