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Internet connection of ham radio networks

A late follow-up to the old topic, but anyway...

Note that my comments here are only for technical aspects. No legal issues.

>Date: Thu, 17 Jan 91 13:48:05 EST
>From: bill gunshannon <702WFG%SCRVMSYS.BITNET@CORNELLC.cit.cornell.edu>
>Subject: AMPR.ORG and the INTERNET

>Is there any way that AMPR.ORG could be connected to the INTERNET, given
>it's disconnected nature and the fact that I highly doubt that there will
>ever be a time when we have all of NET 44 connected together.  Even if we
>were able to connect the whole US (possible, but not likely) that would
>still leave the rest of the world unconnected.

This is one of the reasons that PRUG (Packet Radio User's Group) decided
to introduce their own domain address, and IP network (Class B 133.168).
PRUG has no objections using ampr.org address, but using 44.* will never
let us connected into the Internet, unless PRUG can afford paying huge
amount of money for their own trans-Pacific link.

>Is it totally impossible given the state of TCPIP?

You can connect an IP network to another through only one gateway,
if you respect domain routing scheme.

>If there is no suitable answer to the questions above, should we be
>continuing down the path we currently are travelling, or should we perhaps
>be looking at turning in th Class A address space in favor of either a
>bunch of Class B's or a whole lot of Class C address spaces??

I think you don't have to stick to ampr.org since it is not an actual
organization, rather existing virtually for ham radio enthusiasts who want to
experiment TCP/IP without violating requirements from SRI-NIC. In this sense,
if you have already got an authorized IP network address, you can use it on
the radio too.

>Am I the only one who sees AMPR.ORG ever connecting to the INTERNET?
>Does everyone else see this potential (future) connection as a bad thing
>and therefore something we should not be working towards?

This is quite a social/political issue, so I don't want to make comments on
this in detail, but I think ham radio network or ANY other networks should
be able to exchange messages with the Internet community ASAP. And PRUG has
been moving towards it.

-- Kenji Rikitake, JJ1BDX
   PRUGNET Domain Administrator/Zone Contact
   aka jj1bdx@jh1ynw.prug.or.jp
  (for mail outside Japan please contact to kenji@ybbs.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp)
Anyone reading this page has an amazing skill called literacy.
                                           -- Alvin Toffler, "Powershift", 1990

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