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Wierdo department II

Kelvin, Anders

Looking at the last discussions I have the feeling that I will expose myself
to flames here but....

We have this wonderfull mailbox code in Nos... People here like it (once
translated in french (anyone care for a copy??)) and have started to use
it actively. One of its features is the Send Reply command that will
kindly send a copy of the message sent to it's originator. Yet when a reply
is replied to you get into the funny situation that the receiver will get
the message twice... once from the TO: line and once from the CC: line.

Did I overlook something here???

Wierdo 2:
Any user can post a message in an area. In the case of third-party-mail ON
he can send to others too. He can erase his own messages but he can
NOT erase messages HE has posted in an area . Looking at the bmutil.c code
(called to kill messages) suggests that a user would need FTP overwrite
rights to be able to do this (My C is about as fluent as my martian...NOT..)

Without wanting to suggest to recreate Msys here or things of that kind, should
this not be changed?? Any suggestions Anders???

73's    F/pa0kkv   Arne

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