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multiple routes

The problem with only caching the incoming information is, I think,
that it relies on the OTHER guy to tell you about what path to use.
If NOS doesn't ever iniate such checking itself of which is the best
route, then NOS, all by its lonesome, will never update any routes. It
will, rather, rely on real-live people trying the alternatives first.

In order for NOS to be "intelligent" itself then I think that it must
do a certain amount of "sniffing" for itself. "Flooding" sounds a bit
strong a term for it, because I suspect that most of us most of
the time would only have at most two reasonably plausible routes to
any given host. A couple of pings along two paths once an hour or
so shouldn't be a problem as far as channel usage is concerned, I
wouldn't have thought.

But I'm glad that the issue has re-arisen, because I'd really like somebody
to try something...anything... (and not necessarily today :-) :-) :-) )

73 -- Doc

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