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KA9Q NOS for the Commodore Amiga availability

Contrary to what is published in this month's QST in the Packet
Perspectives column, I am NOT a source for the KA9Q NOS for the Amiga.
Heck, I'm not an ARRL member and don't even receive QST.  Imagine my
suprise when I started getting these mysterious phone calls "about the
packet article in QST."

I am selling off my Amiga system, and no longer have facilities for
copying Amiga disks.  Can only support one computer toy (now a
NeXTstation) at a time...

I've already received a number of phone calls from amateurs who read
that article, and I'm hoping to save others spending a few dollars in
long distance charges to talk to my answering machine.

I wish authors would try to check this type of information before
publishing it, as I have NEVER offered to to diskette distribution of
the code that I ported even when I did have the facilities to do so..
I suspect people will "discover" this incorrect information in the
article for years to come.  Oh well.

As far as I know, the latest work being done on the Amiga version of NOS
is being done by John Heaton, G1YYH, who started with my version and
added his own changes.  I point folks at thumper.bellcore.com in the
anonymous FTP directory /pub/ka9q/amiga for the distributions.  Or, you
might try to contact the author:

        John Heaton, G1YYH

        Janet:     J.Heaton@uk.ac.MCC           MCC Network Unit (g111)
        DARPA:     J.Heaton@MCC.ac.uk           The University
        AX.25:     g1yyh @ gb7nwp.gbr.eu        Oxford Road
              or   g1yyh @ gb7crg.gbr.eu        Manchester       M13 9PL
        Ampr:      amiga.G1YYH.ampr.org         England

for other information about his version.

Louis Mamakos

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