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The latest G1EMM with the 'slow but efficient' memory mod works much
better at my station. It has been running for 17 days now and the
memory status shows more memory then I had after just a few days the
old way. This system gets fairly heavy FTP, SMTP and POP usage.

I (WE) have observed something in NOS and I was wondering if anyone
else has.

I FTP to a distant station via netrom. I also FTP via netrom to a slip
port off of this same station. I get better RTT's to the slip connected
computer than the primary (radio connected) computer. This has been
observed with other connections also. Resend's are significantly less
on the slip computer. I know there are lots of variable here. For instance
the slip computer is Xenix running net code and the radio computer is DOS
running NOS. I just wondered if anyone else has noticed this. The
difference is significant. Since this is not what you would expect it
surprised me.


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