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8.x release of Clarkson packet driver collection

The 8.x release of the Clarkson collection of packet drivers is

The packet drivers are for MS-DOS, and serve to hide the difference between
network cards, and allow multiple protocol stacks to access the same card.
Most often people are interested in running Novell's Netware and TCP/IP
at the same time.

Summary of changes in the 8.x release:

        New drivers: HP Ethertwist, 3Com EtherLink Plus, UB NIC/PS2,
                ARLAN 450, NCR ET-105, D-Link DE-600, Mitel Express,
                NE/2, DEPCA, BICC Isolink (4110-2/3) (buggy).
        Bugs fixed: pktchk, 3c523, ibmtoken, tiara, ne2000, ubnicpc.
        All class 1 drivers can also act as class 11 drivers.


                The Clarkson packet driver collection


The Clarkson collection of packet drivers is available by FTP, by
archive-server, and by modem.  They come in two flavors -- executables
only (drivers.zip), and source+executables (driverss.zip).  All of the
following instructions apply to both drivers.zip and driverss.zip.


I distribute the packet drivers on two 360K 5.25" disks, or a 720K
3.5" disk.  I charge a fee for the service of copying and mailing
these disks. You can send me a check for $20, or you can send me a
purchse order and I will bill you for $22.  NY residents add 7% sales
tax, overseas orders add $3 for shipping.  If you send a check,
please be sure it is in US dollars -- the bank charges me $15 to
convert checks drawn in foreign currencies.

        Russell Nelson
        11 Grant St.
        Potsdam, NY 13676




Send mail to archive-server@sun.soe.clarkson.edu and put the following
command as the body of your message:
This will send you a help message.  Reading this help message will tell
you how to fetch the packet drivers.

.... msg end lost ...

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