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I'm sure this is a 'dead horse', but is it possible that someone
could take the time to educate me on the issue of domain file
search times?

As a relatively new user of nos, please forgive any ignorance on
my part, but just as a casual observation I'd like to point out
that somewhere between the 9008xx version of nos and the 901130
version, some 'enhancement' causes the interactive user (keyboard
or bbs) to be completely locked-out during the interval when mail
sockets are being opened. I realize that whatever changed must be
in the users best interest, but the fact that the keyboard
lockout continues for up to two full mins has virtually
eliminated the use of the post 901130 version on the N.E.
network. It appears that no matter how essential the delay is,
local users will not tolerate it.

There has been much discussion on this issue over our local
network, and several things have been attempted to resolve it
(disk caching, ram disks)_ all in vain. It does not seem to be an
i/o (hardware anyway) related delay.

Any help on this would be appreciated, and passed on to the users
of the N.E. network.

- brian
  ka1jy.ampr.org  []

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