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G1EMM 113016 program size reduction

I've finally gotten a DOS machine running again. One of the first things I
did was to adapt my Data General One serial port driver for it, and compile
up what I thought was close to a minimum configuration, with only the KISS,
SLIP and packet driver interfaces, and no NNTP or POP or anything else but
the basics and RSPF (which is becoming standard in the Houston IP world).

The initial load module compiled to 686K! Ouch! PKLITE reduced that to
485K, and a bit of pruning got it to fit on my IP disk (with a grand total
of 23K to spare). Then came the second hurdle: When I ran it, an immediate
mem status command after startup showed a heap of 70K, with only about 10K
free, and a coreleft value of less than 5K. Needless to say, it crashed
almost immediately upon doing just about anything. I've gone back to KA9Q
900828, and it runs fine. The first command in autoexec.net was 'mem eff y'.

Obviously, the DG1's effective address space under DOS 3.3 of 424K is not
enough for this configuration. What do I do now? Can I shrink the loaded
size of the program? I can get 20 to 30K back by going to DOS 2.1, but
that's not a real wonderful idea...is it? What is the extra space taken up
by the executable beyond the basic program for, anyway? Would removing the
packet driver code get me anything?

...Jay, K5ZC

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