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internet <-> packet ideas ..

> > I've not thought through ALL the ramifications yet, and it would
> probably require

> > the use of SSID's which has been shunned so far.
> No it is not absolutely necessary to make NOS use different SSID's on
> different ports. It is enough to check the next callsign in the
> digipeater field, just as you suggest.
> [cunning plan deleted]

Fine idea, I said I hadn't thought it out :-) :-). I hadn't thought
of replacing calls on the fly like that. Might it not cause problems
though, because the routes are not identical :-

For example :-

One route might be:     g4jec -> g1xrl -> g1xrl-7 -> wb0gdb

And the return:         g4jec <- g1xrl-2 <- g1xrl < wb0gdb

I wonder if this could confuse the hell out of both users and NET/Wrong ?

But if different ssid's were used on each ax25 interface it might
work beautifully... Then we could just use the REAL calls of each


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