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Memory loss (NOS's, not mine)


  I understand your problem! I have mine under control at this point
with Kelvin's small version and using 'mem eff y'. The system starts
with about 150K and is down to 102K after 24 days of operation. It
has been sitting at the 102K point for a week or more. In other words
it has settled there. I have had mbox, ftp, smtp, pop etc activity
during this period. It is an XT clone, V20 8mhz, running dos 3.2 - I
have three radio ports.

 The real answer would be to run a 286 (~$100) or better yet a 386SX
(~$350) replacement motherboard in your system. That is what I plan to
do in my system. Running DOS 5.0 with everything loaded high gives
as much as 640K available to programs. This is at least 50K more than
with 3.2 - so NOS (small) should report close to 200K at startup in
a system like that. For some reason I do not seem to experience a lot
of the problems that others do with NOS. My system has been very stable
since I started using G1EMM almost a year ago. There were a few bad
versions but it was always corrected. This is also true of the dozen or
so local users running G1EMM. We do not use any auto routing (rip, rspf)


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