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request for info

Greetings all.
I have been asked to contribute technical information for the development
of a 5 year plan for the AlaNet packet network.  I am currently in the fact
finding stage and would like any pointers to software/hardware/papers dealing
with statewide packet networks.

Current AlaNet configuration
AlaNet is currently comprised of coordinated local LANs connected to two
statewide trunks.  The trunk frequencies are 145.01 MHz (no surprise) and
433.8 MHz.  The '01 trunk is 1200 baud (again no surprise) and the 433.8
trunk has both (probably not a good idea) 1200 and 2400 baud links.  Current
digi software is TheNet/NETROM with some sysops moving to ROSE (NETROM/ROSE
flames > /dev/null please :-).  The 433.8 trunk is primarily used for BBS
forwarding with no user-BBS logins allowed.

Geography Lesson
Alabama is in the foothills of the Appalacian Mountains.  As such, there
are many strategic mountaintop sites located near all of the major population
centers except Mobile.  Naturally, hams have staked claims on most of the
good sites :-).  All LAN areas have good digipeater sites.

The Goal
We are currently trying to avoid NETROM/ROSE wars by proposing a 5 year
comprehensive plan which will take advantage of new technology while not
disrupting the current LAN users.  We have the following items on our
wish list:

        1. high[er] speed backbone.  9600 baud as a minimum.  maximum=?
        2. TCP/IP support for as many sites as possible.
        3. redundant paths for trunks.
        4. easy access for AX.25 users.
        5. world peace and a pie in every oven.

Funding is directly proportional to the ambitions of the plan.  We have been
very successful on raising funds at the local levels.  We need a comprehensive
plan to begin fund raising at the state level.  In other words, don't worry
too much about the cost [we've got an angle -- Captain Stern].

Any and all pointers/comments/suggestions/jokes are appreciated.  Thanks.

 Richard Elling                         Manager of Network Support
 Auburn University                      Engineering Administration
 relling@eng.auburn.edu     KB4HB []      (205)844-2280
 It's MINE.  It's proprietary.  Invented by ME.  For ME.  What!?
 You don't want to buy it!?  Look, how 'bout a donation... then...

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