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Weird system hangs

One thing to note:  The system will go off into the weeds when domain trans
is on, but _usually_ returns.  I've a stable version of kh113016 running
at home for over a month, with no problems, and one at work beaten to death
on the internet that has not seen problems, either.

Also:  We have migrated back to RIP in southern Houston, because of some
apparent problems with NOS getting lost when we had a single station move
entirely over to a 1200 bps UHF channel with single station gatewaying.
We've had (or, at least, I've had) good success with RIP, better in fact,
than RSPF.  Looks to me loke we'll stay here for a while.  In all fairness,
we ran RSPF for 3-4 months here with no real problems...

..(Gods, above I wish I could type...)

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