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Various NOS issues

We have a group of a half dozen IP'ers in Ventura County.  All are
running G1EMM version 1.6.  Most everything is running well.  We
use SMTP, FTP, and POP.  We do not yet use RIP or RSPF, and probably
will wait until we finish putting up a full-duplex packet repeater
to migrate the IP'ers on to.
Several things we've noticed with the current version - maybe someone
could shed some light on these?
The system I'm using is a 10 MHz turbo XT with DRSI type 1 board.
Admittedly it's a bit unpowered, but in the true spirit of ham radio,
you use what you got...
o  Quite frequently during an AX.25 connect, I'll receive a frame,
NOS will acknowledge it, but it won't be displayed on the screen.
Doing a session command reveals that the data is stuck in the
receive queue for that session.
Shortly there after, my outgoing packets don't get transmitted, nor
do they show in the xmit queue for that session.
Doing an ax25 kick of that session forces the data to be received and
transmitted, but that's a drag.
o  The "m" command for invoking BM from within NOS frequently stops
working after NOS has been running as little an hour.  I presume
that's some sort of memory starvation problem?  (A little background
here - in an effort to stabilize things, I've set smtp maxclients
at 3.  Unfortunately, I'm also POP server).
I'm uncertain what all the numbers mean in mem stat - but for your
perusal, here's what it says when things go south:
heap 184640
avail 133824
morecores 340
coreleft 4552
allocs 23900
frees 23499
Hope somebody can help me.
Thanks mucho!
73 - Orv Beach - WB6WEY

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