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Various NOS issues


   Most definitely your problem is insufficient memory. I run a similiar
type system here on the East coast. A few things may help. You want to
maximize the system memory before NOS starts. Running DOS 3.2 vs 3.3 or
4.01, and not loading any TSR's you do not need. DOS 5.0 (beta at the
moment) appears to be the answer to this one when using 386/486 machines.
DOS, drivers and TSR's can be loaded high to give very close to 640K of
base memory to your programs.

  It may not have all of the support you need but the G1EMM Small
version will give you at least 50K more space. Also in the latest G1EMM
there are dual memory allocation algorithms. They are changed with the
'memory efficient y/n' command. The preferred is 'mem eff y'. The default
is NO.

  I found that using all of the above features my system has run for
a month with no problems.

  Prior to using the small version and the efficient memory algorithm I
had to restart the system every few days.

  You could alsoo pick up the source and compile out some of the code
you do not need. I found this to be undesireable for a number of reasons.
The code changes so fast that it could be a full time job to keep up.
Everytime a new version comes out you have to pick up the entire source
and make your changes and recompile. Of course there is no reason that
you have to grab every new version. I just like to have the latest bugs!
Especially in a NOS switch situation the latest is neither necessary nor

Good Luck.  Doug

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