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NETROM query


   Not resonable and not correct. Guess that's the right answer. I do
not believe that the netrom code uses alternate routes. I have never
seen it happen. It is known that the netrom code needs more work. Dan
Frank did a very good job, but it has basically not been touched in a
few years. Netrom has made our TCP/IP network work. Maybe not as good
as it could, but without it we would have no long distant connections.
I have not experienced this type of problem because I own the netroms
that my NOS/NET programs connect to! This may be an answer for your
problem. Connect NOS to a TNC using a real netrom (TheNet) via NRS
and let this netrom be the front-end to your system. NOS would only
talk to (or know about) one direct netrom node. The down side to this
is that ax25 direct connects then become a problem. I run the NRS
connection only on my backbone long distance ports. My local user port
is standard KISS. The BPQ switch code may be another way to do it. I
have not tried it, but it may work as front-end and support both ax25
and netrom.


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