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NOS on top of G8BPQ (was Re: request for info)

>In the meantime, we're using G8BPQ software since it's much more
>convenient (and cheaper!) than buying net/rom chips.  It not only acts
>as a net/rom router, but also serves as a front end to NOS, so we get
>IP routing in the package.

How does on use NOS on top of G8BPQ?  A friend of mine who runs a BBS is
still running PE1CHL NET because he could not get NOS to work on top of
G8BPQ.  I would really like to get this fellow on NOS, and I probably can
if he can run it under G8BPQ.

I am running G1EMM (910116?...can't remember and it's at home), and the
attach commands do not appear to support the INT 14 type of interface.
What do I need to do?

Lee (N5LYT)

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