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NOS on top of G8BPQ (was Re: request for info)

You set up several extra KISS pseudo-tncs in the G8BPQ software - one
per physical port, plus one extra to talk to the switch.  Then you load
one packet driver (a NODEDRV module comes with BPQ359) per pseudo-TNC
and configure NOS to talk to those.  Thus NOS sees a KISS TNC per BPQ
port, plus it sees the BPQ switch itself (i.e, the net/rom interface)
as one more KISS TNC that it can talk to.

Someone connecting to the BPQ node gets the normal BPQ action, plus NOS
sees the UI packets and can do IP routing, ARP, and such.  If you wish,
you can even configure NOS as one of the applications from the BPQ
switch so that someone connected to the bpq switch can request a connect
to NOS and access its mailbox and other thingys.

BPQ takes about 100K or so when it's running, so you probably should
compile out whatever you don't need in the NOS.
        - Brian

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