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Possible Probelm with Efficien

Hi all,

I have just had notified by a local user of a possible problem with
the efficient memory allocator in kh113016.

The symptoms are that after having enabled efficient memory
allocation, the keyboard locks up after a period that varies between 5
mins and 5 hours, requiring a hard reset. The system was completely
stable before this, and the only change made was to add
"mem eff yes" as the first command in autoexec.net.

To begin with I suspected finger trouble as I hadn't experienced
this, although I too have this feature enabled. On closer inspection
however, I realised that I was experiencing this, but because I have
the watchdog enabled, the system was re-booting when I wasn't
watching, so I never saw the crash itself.

We are attempting to gather more information on this, but I thought
it worth reporting now to see if anybody else was seeing the same

73 Gareth

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