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NET vs NOS telnet, poss. solution

>I also had this problem. The trace shows me i'm receiving all
>characters but the first of each line was eaten up. I also got
>no prompt, this would be a EOL problem..

I've seen several mails on this lately; maybe the following is
of interest to all of you who have this problem.

This is from memory and was some years ago, but it's
probably a BIOS problem in the PC, not in Phil's | Kelvin's

At least in one XT I know, the BIOS turns off all interrupts
when either a CR or LF is output. This can lead to the loss of one or
more characters at the start of the next line when you are receiving
stuff from a serial port. I don't know offhand how it would affect
an ethernet card. Anyway, this can be verified; if you have the same
problem using a terminal emulation package, the BIOS is the culprit.

Sorry, I don't remember what BIOS it was. Anyway, a change of BIOS
took care of the problem for me. Your mileage may vary.


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