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Request for special version of KA9Q

I'm searching a compiled version of KA9Q that implements just the gateway
functionnality. I actually use a complete set of the nos, but I get horrible
round trip time between the two networks, slowing down the ftp's to less than
2 Kb/second and giving really a bad impression in telnet.

Has anyone modified the KA9Q package to get a fast router? If yes, I would be
really interested in that modification.

Christophe Wolfhugel (on irc: Zolf)   |  Email: wolf@grasp1.univ-lyon1.fr
INSA Lyon - Departement Informatique  |  IRC'admin at node grasp1.univ-lyon1.fr
69621 Villeurbanne Cedex, France      |  Fax: (+33) 72 44 08 00

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