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Windows/NOS info

I have successfully run NOS under Microsoft Windows 3.0  I am using
a 486/33 with an 800x600 screen. Also have tried 1024x768. I am
running NOS in a window. I can supply the PIF file I am using if
anyone is interested. I am using the 3c501 driver which is loaded
by a batch file specified in the PIF. After the driver is loaded
the batch file runs NOS. Works real neat. I get xfer rates of >34000chr/sec
while running other applications. The key is that the driver must be
loaded in the virtual DOS enviroment created for NOS. I have not tested
this with COM ports/radios but see no reason why it should not work.
I am not using the winpkt.com driver, just 3c501 with the -w option.

Specific info -

I use QEMM 6.0 / DOS 5.0. The system is a 486/33 with 4 megs RAM.
Soon to be 16. ESDI 200 meg hard drive.

All NOS/BM files are under the directory c:\tcpip which is substituted
to drive E: BEFORE windows is started.

subst e: c:\tcpip

The E: can be any legal (unused) DOS drive up to value set by lastdrive.

The Windows PIF calls NET.BAT in the e:\ directory (really c:\tcpip).
NET.BAT loads the packet driver and starts NOS.

3c501 -w 0x7c 5 0x300    # are my settings
nos /autoexec.net        # I use autoexec.net vs. .nos

At this point in runs and I might say it runs well. I set up a 1 second
1000 byte ping (not real taxing) minimized NOS and went about my business
with Windows. Running Ventura publisher, Orcad in DOS Shell etc. 100%
pings after hours of use. FTP Xfer rates approaching 40000 chars/sec.
and that is with 3c501's at both ends.

You have the choice of running NOS in a window or full screen. The
window seems to work fine and allows you to do other things on the
screen. Also the Copy and paste functions work well. Taking text
to/from NOS to other applications.

The Shell out to BM (Mail) from NOS works Good. Essentially you have
inherited a virtual DOS enviroment here and that is the way it seems
to work. In my system I start out with 618K in each DOS window. NOS
of course would be minus the packet driver requirements. I have not seen
a UAE in anything I have done.

Maybe the key here is a fast system or maybe I accidentally did
something right!! In any event I am very happy with it.


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