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Copy of personal note to Gerard

> Here's another problem that MAY be timer related:
> There seems to be no way to turn off the NNTP log messages.  When NNTP
> kicks, SOMETIMES a -more- prompt will appear on the console screen as
> a result of the NNTP log messages.  The NNTP session ceases all
> further processing.  Within a few hours NOS hangs.  On other
> occasions, an NNTP session will remain in a CLOSE WAIT state forever
> and always with 54 bytes in the receive queue.  When this happens,
> resetting or kicking the socket closes it off but does NOT restart the
> NNTP timer (it stays at 0).  An 'nntp kick' also fails to restart the timer.
This has been "fixed" around 1.7h with a nntp sub-command to shutoff the
notes that news came in.
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