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New NOS upload

Hello All,
First of all, Happy Newyear.
Second: I have uploaded to ucsd.edu:/hamradio/packet/ka9q/incoming
my latest collection of NOS bits. (nos_1229.* (man nr lp exe zip)
The files are also send to wb3ffv and gvdgpc bbs systems.
The base is at Phil's 1229 release with all known modsest.
Added is IP access (configuable via config.h) and rip ttl command.
The manual is "up to date". Version number is 1.8b
Perhaps Phil wil move it to the pa0gri directory (??)
Greetings, Gerard.

Internet: gvdg@cdc.com                  |     Gerard J van der Grinten
UUCP:     gvdgpc!gvdg                   |     Control Data Bv.
Telephone: 0(+31)-70-3119703            |     Van Markenlaan 5
                                        |     2805 VL RIJSWIJK    Netherlands

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