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IRMA card driver???

The IRMA cards are designed for use with IBM3270 systems. Usually
connected as a star-wired system centered on a 3174 or 3274 cluster-controller
which acts as the master. The data rate is 2.3Mbps on the coax. There are
two protocols that can be used, but generally they use the IBM SNA style
protocols.   Since the cards are designed to act as slaves, theres no real
point connecting them together. They are not Ethernet cards; they need to
be hooked up with 93-ohm RG62A/U coaxial cable too.
Probably best to donate the IRMA card to somebody who is using an
IBM mainframe.

 Pete Lucas   PJML@UK.AC.NWL.IA    PJML%IA.NWL.AC.UK@UKACRL   G6WBJ.ampr.org

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