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IRMA card driver???

First, let me say that I really object when I try to reply to a tcpgroup
message and get the return address: g6phf@g6phf.ampr.org
If you have an MX record on file, fine, but....

Now, on to the subject: The DCA IRMA card speaks IBM coax-A protocol, which
chops along at about 2.3 Mbps using a master-slave protocol which can
either be 3270 native (like bisync) mode, or SNA.  The other end is supposed
to be an IBM 3274 cluster display controller.  If you attach a piece of
RG-58 between two PCs each having IRMA cards, they will be physically
linked -- but they can't communicate over the coax, since they both think
they are 3270 slave displays.

Marc Kaufman (kaufman@Neon.stanford.edu)

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