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Packet driver ?

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   Date: Thu, 2 Jan 92 16:40:11 EST
   From: crompton@NADC.NADC.NAVY.MIL (D. Crompton)
   Newsgroups: mail.tcp-group

   I am currently using the 3c501 packet driver under windows 3.0 with
   the -w option. There is also a driver called winpkt that is suppose
   to be loaded after the 3c501 driver (or any driver) when using

Winpkt obeviates (I love it when I can make a chance to use that word)
the need for -w.  The packet driver release after next will have
winpkt's code incorporated into it, and -w will go away.


Yeah, get rid of that mossy old 3c501.  You can get Novell clones for
under $100 that run rings around it...

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