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I have also been running NOS in WIN3 on my 386-40 machine
(4 megs RAM, 100 meg HD, Speedstar SVGA at 800x600x32k)
part-time, and NOS does fine in background, and as a window.
I use a 2 meg disk cache on this machine which makes for FAST disk access indeed

I use it mainly for SLIP linking to the kj9u.ampr.org 24-hour packet node.
That way if I want to modify files on the 24-hour machine, I don't have
to bring it down for repairs.  The SLIP link runs at 19.2 kbaud over the
COM ports with no trouble at all.  At higher rates there is a problem,
there are lots of retries.  Could be due to the 16450 UARTs in the 386-40,
which are VLSI chips that are not compatible with the 16550 DIP chip.
I guess that if I want higher throughput I'll have to buy another I/O card
or ethernet cards.  (What I have now is entirely adequate, though.)

If anyone really wants to see the PIF file, etc, send me email.
It's pretty simple, though.  I have only used Windows since late November!

  John Shalamskas, KJ9U      kj9u@helium.chem.hawaii.edu
  johns@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu     kj9u@kj9u.ampr.org

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