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Routing protocols (OSPF vs RSPF)

We have to remember one thing about all of this routing, is that there is a
real world out there trying to build networks using available software and
hardware.  I would love to see a real nicely tuned version of nos with all
of the routing in place so I could get better functionality out of the
current switches that we've (GRAPES) been putting up.  Currently our switches
are 12 Mhz 286s with 1Mb of ram.  Current cost of these switches is
approximately $3000 each.  So, you now want to say we need to replace these
with a 68000 type machine?  I like 68000s, but can't afford to replace the
9 and growing switches.  Now, if we got a windfall, and some real corporate
sponsers for this (we are a 501c3 corporation....), we might actually be
able to do something like change the switches.  Most of our revenue comes
from selling DSY modem kits, with a small amount coming from our membership
organizations.  So, unless we sell a lot of these, we can't afford to do
much of anything.

Here is the current breakdown of switch costs -

Switch Breakout
        Switch (286/12 1mb 40M hd mono w/ Monitor)              $800
                (1 serial w/ 16550)
        PI cards                                                $240
                (Ottawa Amateur Radio Club)
        Transverters                                            $582
                (East Coast Amateur)
        Antennas                                                $336
        Hardline and connectors                                 $300
Cost for switch                                                 $2258
        Overrun budget                                          $742
Total budget Switch                                             $3000

The overrun budget is for all costs not in the primary budget, i.e.
lightning protection, first year insurance cost, tower mounts, internal
cost of modems (they really aren't free...), remote control equipment,

Current switches includes all of the paid for equipment being installed
and the functioning equipment.  All switches are part of the 56kb backbone
for the state of Georgia.

Current switches -
        Sweat Mountain
        Sawnee Mountain
        Athens (Installation phase)
        Graves Mountain (Installation phase)
        Sky Valley
        Pinelog (second phase installation 1 link up second in progress)
        Covenant College (Installation phase)
        Bell Center (Down for repair)
        Georgia Tech

Planned switches -
        Jacksonville (Connection only planned)
        Alanet connection (Connection only planned)

There is even discussions of connecting the Carolinas.

We can only fund the Georgia side of the network.

Well, enough rambling, back to working on Bell Center....
  Dennis Boylan N4ZMZ
  Current President GRAPES
Dennis Boylan N4ZMZ (...!{emory|gatech}!nanovx!dennis)
4422 Northshore Ln.  Norcross, GA. 30093
Soon to be nanovx.grapes.org

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