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Packet driver ?

   Date: Fri, 3 Jan 92 15:56:25 EST
   From: crompton@NADC.NADC.NAVY.MIL (D. Crompton)

   Well I am not sure what you mean by rings. What kind of xfer rates
   could I expect on a dedicated point to point ethernet (2 computers)
   using the slowest vs. fastest cards? Since alot of this is dependent
   on the code and hardware I am not sure if you can give me a good
   number. I am getting 30-40,000 chrs/second with the 3c501's but using
   disk-cache and adjusting the buffering helped that.

Ahhh...  Okay, I take back my comment.  With only two nodes, your 3c501
will work just fine.

   On the -w vs winpkt - Let me make sure I have this right. At the moment
   you should use the packet driver without -w and winpkt? I am using the
   driver with -w without winpkt and it works. Should I change? When will
   the updates be available?

If it works, fine, but winpkt is the correct solution to the problem that
-w tries to solve.

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