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Nos/mbox hanging

I was having problems with NOS v1.7J (and earlier) hanging whenever
the mbox timer kicked off and there was no mail to forward.  The
main symptom was the console locked up but most other things
continued to work, ie you could ping it from outside.

Thanks to Tony, AH6BW, the problem has now been solved.
The instructions say to put "--" between the different
bbs entries in the FORWARD.BBS file to seperate those
entries.  Well, I was only forwarding to one bbs so I didn't
bother.  At Tonys suggestion I added a "--" to the end of
the forward.bbs file and the hanging problems have not
reappeared. All forwarding to the aa4re bbs is occuring normally
also.  The system has been up now for three days with no
sign of the mbox hanging problem.

Without the "--" in the file, I could issue the command
"mbox kick" and if there was no mail to forward I would
get the error "mail file busy, abort or retry" with the
"--" in the file that error message no longer appears.

This problem had been plagueing me for some time, special
thanks to tony for solving my problem.

73, Mark, KK6JX,

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