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NOS problems/solutions

> 5. If a mailbox user attempts to enter a message to an address with a '\' or
>    '/' in it, SMTP goes into infinite recursion, presumably because NOS tries
>    to create a file with '\' in the filename, which indicates a subdirectory
>    (which probably doesn't exist). The problem can be fixed by putting lines
>    like
>         */* junk
>    and
>         *\* junk
>    in \spool\rewrite, but perhaps it would be better to include a check for
>    invalid filename characters in message addressees. (The user on my system
>    at the time entered "s pc/tcpip" when he presumably meant "w pc/tcpip". I
>    had a hell of a time stopping the recursion -- finally turning the SMTP
>    server off gave me enough breathing space to kill the offending messages).

Have to be careful with this one.  X.400 style mail has a lot of
forward slashes in it.  Ahead of the above rewrite entries you should
probably have something like:

*/*@* $1/$2@$3

so that non-local X.400 mail is not accidentally intercepted.  For
incoming mail, it's a good idea to have entries that strip the address
of the local hostname and recurses.

Antonio Querubin
tony@mpg.phys.hawaii.edu / ah6bw@uhm.ampr.org / querubin@uhunix.bitnet

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