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NOS and Packet-Drivers for OS/2

   Michael Kuch <mike@atlas.physchem.chemie.uni-tuebingen.de>,
   in Message-ID: <199201071923.AA06298@atlas.physchem.chemie.uni-tuebingen.de>
   >    Is there a NOS-Version for OS/2 Version 2.0beta and a
   >    packet-driver for a ne2000-card which works under OS/2??

   Yes, ported by Walt Corey, KZ1F @ WA1PHY.#EMA.MA.USA.NA (AX.25),
   waltcy@ids.jnvc.net (Internet). ...

   I can't answer your question on the NE-2000 card.  Russ Nelson reads
   tcp-group, so I'm sure an answer will be forthcoming.

Hmmm...  Well, OS/2 doesn't use interrupts for inter-program communication,
so if the packet drivers can be made to work on OS/2, it won't be the way
they work on DOS.

Does anyone know how OS/2 communicates with its device drivers?

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