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NOS and Packet-Drivers for OS/2

>       Is there a NOS-Version for OS/2 Version 2.0beta and a
>       packet-driver for a ne2000-card which works under OS/2??

Yes, ported by Walt Corey, KZ1F @ WA1PHY.#EMA.MA.USA.NA (AX.25),
waltcy@ids.jnvc.net (Internet).  The current release is OS2NOSV4.ZIP,
meaning version 4.  It is based on my 910731v0.60 source, which is
based on PA0GRI 910822v1.7h, which is based on KA9Q 910618.  While
his V4 has had some unexplained trouble under a couple of the 2.0-betas,
his V3 was problem-free under 2.0-beta.  Both are intended for OS/2 1.3
Standaed Edition.

I can't answer your question on the NE-2000 card.  Russ Nelson reads
tcp-group, so I'm sure an answer will be forthcoming.

I am answering for Walt at this machine since we just got my mail
account running yesterday, and his will not be working until this

I do not know of any Internet FTP sites for OS2NOSV4.ZIP.  I will try
and get it posted if I can.  It is available for landline download at
ChowdaNet BBS, (401)331-2604 (2400 baud), (401)331-0334 (300-2400MNP5-
19200PEP), or (401)331-0907 (300-9600V.32/V.42bis).  Files are file
requestable from ChowdaNet using Fidonet address 1:323/120 up to 9600

-- Mike N1BEE

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