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GRI 1.8b

Some quick notes on latest GRI code...

  The Ethernet Xfer rates have improved significantly. From 35K/sec Average
to 65K/sec average! This is with 3c501's at both ends and the new GRI at
both ends. Similiar improvement under windows.

 The axip ifdef is (and has been) broken. Undefining axip causes the TCP
receiver to go deaf. The incoming packet is traced and marked as received
but never processed. This problem was reported in earlier versions and I
thought may be fixed in this one but it is not.

 I have had (0) ZERO crashes with 1.7j for many months. My system is busy
but I do not use rspf,rip,nntp or axip. The mailbox and SMTP/FTP get a good
amount of use. I do not see any memory loss problem. It settles down to
a value and basically stays there.

 One answer to the memory problem is to run a 386 or better machine with
QEMM and a mono/hercules video card (or ega/vga without graphics) and
start out with as much as a 730K of DOS memory. You can start out with
as much as 300K+ of free core when starting NOS. I rarely see the core
value drop below 120K. NOS seems much more comfortably with lot's of
memory to spare.


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