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Reply To: garethh@cix.compulink.co.uk
Subject: Adding SNMP to NOS?
Hi all,
I am part of a group involved with emergency comms in the UK (similar to
ARES in the US). Because of our local group's experience with packet in
general (and tcp/ip in particular) we have been tasked with producing a
spec, then product, to provide emergency comms for incident support. the
sort of thing we are looking at is incident databases for casualties,
rostas, contacts etc, plus email and a news broadcasting system.

One aspect of this exercise has been the actual comms (although the bulk
of the effort will be in the applications). I am advocating using NOS as
a comms/executive base and then adding applications.

All the above is background to my actual question!! Which is:
On the expectation that we will be providing an IP backbone with remote
routers: has anybody considered adding SNMP support to NOS for remote
management of said routers? An additional question is: has anybody considered
what MIB extensions might be required?
Gareth Howell G6KVK. and member of North Herts RAYNET

|Gareth Howell: CAT AP Comms    | Information Technology Services Agency|
|garethh@sadss.uucp             | Department of Social Security         |
|sadss!garethh@eros.uknet.ac.uk | Lytham St Annes, England, FY8 1ZZ     |
|garethh@cix.compulink.co.uk    | +44 (253) 797846 (PSTN)               |
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Disclaimer: The above represents my opinion only. It does not
necessarily represent the view of my employer.

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