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asy problem : dtr and rts not up?

The latest Ka9q ASY driver was modified by Bill Simpson in conjunction
with his ongoing work with the PPP code, he changed all control signal
handling and eliminated the 'c' and 'r' parms in the ASY attach cmd.

As I understand, and you really have to query Bill for the details,
the current code tries to preserve the state of DTR, and other control
signals such as RLSD, it finds upon entry... so one way, I believe, to
guarantee DTR being up is to set it high before invoking ka9q.

In the case of DTR, I am one of those that would like to see DTR
raised high after ka9q entry, modems don't answer calls or accept
commands unless DTR is set high... this is not only common practice
but also part of the various modem communication standards. The
0618 version of ka9q failed to raise DTR in this manner and many
people had as a result a bad time trying to set up dial-up access
to ka9q routers. I had actually modified 8250.c to keep DTR high
and when dropping connections to drop DTR briefly and then raising
it high.

Bill has a different conception of how DTR should be handled, his
recoding of 8250.c in the 1218 version of ka9q gets around this
problem by monitoring the ring indicator, when an incoming call is
detected then DTR and other signals are raised high to start a
communications session and this currently works with my Hayes
Ultra-96 modems... this takes care of setups involving dial-up

For other setups you can either set DTR high (thru some utility) as
you go into ka9q or by running a dialer file with "control up",
I think the latter may work but I haven't tested it myself.

-- Denis

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