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TTYLINK Question

>> Has anybody tweaked the ttylink code to allow a ttylink connection (telnet
>> port 87) to be re-directed to a COM# async port? My reason for wanting this
>> is to allow access to a RS232-equipped instrument to be accessed over the
>> network.

> There is a "comm" command which just dumps a short piece of raw data
> out to the interface, which is useful for things like putting a TNC
> into KISS mode or dialing a modem.  There is also a "tip" command
> which can be used to access a dumb terminal mode using one of the
> asy interfaces.

Unfortunately you can't use tip remotely.  I'm also interested in
this sort of thing because we're building a controller that
interfaces using ASCII and would like to access it remotely.  At
the moment the only way seems to be to use a standard TNC. :-(

Carl Makin, MVS/ESA Systems Programmer, VAX/VMS Dabbler.
Dept. Health, Housing and Community Services, Canberra, Australia.
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makinc@hhcs.gov.au                 -   Internet
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