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TTYLINK Question

>Has anybody tweaked the ttylink code to allow a ttylink connection (telnet
>port 87) to be re-directed to a COM# async port? My reason for wanting this
>is to allow access to a RS232-equipped instrument to be accessed over the

It doesn't work that way.  Port 87 and Port COM1 are not the same kind of
"port" at all.  The async port is really a port, accessed at protocol
layer 1 (physical).  The ttylink port is more a "socket" and has meaning
only at protocol layer 4 (transport), where TCP runs.  I assume you know
this, Tom, but I wanted to get that out of the way before massive
confusion resulted on the part of readers who may not be familiar with
ttylink and what it is.

Of course, ttylink will route across an asy interface if there is a
TCP/IP host at the other end running SLIP or something like that, but
this is not what you are asking.

There is a "comm" command which just dumps a short piece of raw data
out to the interface, which is useful for things like putting a TNC
into KISS mode or dialing a modem.  There is also a "tip" command
which can be used to access a dumb terminal mode using one of the
asy interfaces.

-- Mike

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