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TTYLINK Question

>>>Has anybody tweaked the ttylink code to allow a ttylink connection (telnet
>>>port 87) to be re-directed to a COM# async port? My reason for wanting this
>>>is to allow access to a RS232-equipped instrument to be accessed over the

>I'm working on making a telnet to port 23 do this.  Basically, turning ka9q
>into a modem or async host (or whatever you want to attach) server.

>>into KISS mode or dialing a modem.  There is also a "tip" command
>>which can be used to access a dumb terminal mode using one of the
>>asy interfaces.

>If I understand it correctly, tip allows the console (not a remote
>user) to talk to an asy port.  Is there a way to "log in" to the
>console from a remote connection and do all the things that could be
>done from the console?

It is possible to connect to the mailbox by AX.25 or telnet and issue
the sysop ("@") command.  If the proper bit mask is set in the FTPUSERS
file so that the user has sysop privileges, this command gives remote
access to the "net>" prompt.  It is then legal to make routing changes,
start and stop processes, and so forth, as long as the commands issued
by the remote sysop do not start a session.  In other words, everything
except "ftp" and the like are legal.  (Shelling out is also, obviously,

Do you really want a remote user to have to capability to send raw data
directly to an interface?  This starts to get far afield of what most
people do with NOS.  I can see it from the local console, since the
code to do it is trivial, but anyone who has tried to write a "door"
in the landline BBS world will quickly appreciate the problem of having
a whole new "raw interface" server.

-- Mike N1BEE

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