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asy problem : dtr and rts not up?

I have tried both latest versions of pa0gri and ka9q code but seem to have
a problem with the modem. With previous levels the DTR and RTS lights on
the modem were turned on when nos initialized, but now no lights, and the
modem will not respond to commands as before?
any thoughts as to the problem? Mike, you said something about ka9q
reorganizing the 8250 control lines? ? ?
Thanks folks.
=> Bob - N4CLH  @  KK4L.NY.USA.NA  or WF2A.NY.USA.NA
=> amprnet -  (n4clh.ampr.org)  via KK4L-1 in Binghamton, NY
=> internet - rwaustin@gdlvm2.vnet.ibm.com

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