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In message <43885@tomcat.gsfc.nasa.gov > you write:
>I guess I am involved in religious OSI layer discussions! Functionally,
>the NOS ttylink is an application/presentation layer interface which provides
>a "chat" link between two peer users. The present NOS implementation is for
>the port 87 transport layer socket to be directed to a keyboard/crt/bios
>presentation/application layer user interface.
>The instruments in question (ranging from GPS receivers down to TAPR's
>METCON board) all have a presentation layer functionality designed for
>communications with dumb terminals via a (layer 1) RS-232 spigot.
>So, to be very specific, what I am seeking is a way to achieve this same
>functionality via TCP/IP. One simple solution would seem to be to patch
>the present NOS ttylink I/O to a COM# port in lieu of the keyboard/crt/bios

Hmmm...  OK, I think I get the gist here.

I envision something like

 attach asy socket <socket #> <buffersize> <baudrate> <parity> <bits> <handshake>

This would associate an async port with any arbitrary socket number and allow the
UART to be configured as needed.  <FIFO> is a boolean to enable or disable 16550 AFN
fifo usage.

Since there needs to be a server around to hear incoming TCP connection requests,
there could be something like:

 start <socket #>

Since I am not very familiar with the code structure in NOS, I solicit comments
about the viability of this idea.


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