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asy problems in NOS 1216-1229

I am responsible for the asy DTR and RTS not coming up on attach.
This was requested last June for modem work.

You can use "param <iface> dtr on" (no need for numbers).  Substitute
rts for dtr, or off for on.  Or, you can use "param <iface> up" to turn
them both on, down to turn them both off.

If you have problems with CTS and DCD, try the "param <iface> blind".

I have come up with an alternate solution, which I put in was0106.exe
in incoming several days ago.  There the attach does assert DTR and RTS,
but the dialer looks at a counter to see if we did it.
(Amazingly enough, the counter is one of the new charmib entries for
rs232like devices, so we're becoming more standard oriented at the same time.)

The other problem turns out to be that some older TNCs use DCD and CTS
in weird ways.  So I automatically set blind for ax25/kiss and nrs.

Bill Simpson

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