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Jan, we use either the asy driver or the PI driver that comes with nos.  Some
of our switches use modified tnc's to drive the high speed modem.  Others use
PI cards.  We use one port on digipeat mode for each frequency.  Those sites
which have nodes on either side of them will use two frequencies, two PI cards
(or two serial ports driving tncs).  Both frequencies will be simplex
"digipeat".  However, a packet from node A on 440, say, directed to node B
reachable from my switch on 222, will be translated in frequency and directed
by my switch to node B.  Sorta like a dual port digipeater.

We plan to change our nodes to using PI cards.  They support one high speed
port at a real 56kb rate.  The serial cards driving modified TNC's can only
operate at 19.2kb and even then must use the 16550 chips.

The high speed modems IF frequency is at about 28 mhz.  This is used to drive
either a Microwave Modules or Synlabs transverter.  I don't think that
MM transverters are available new anymore..and if they are they are much
more expensive than Synchlabs.  I know that Synclabs makes a 220 mhz transverter

but I don't know what the status is on their making a 440 transverter.

Hope this answers your questions.

Bruce Nebergall, K4TQL

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